Sports Staff

2013-2014 Sports Director at WRFW 88.7 – FM

Ryan Tibbitts

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 WRFW 88.7 – FM Sports Broadcast Voices:

Ryan Tibbitts- The main voice of Falcon football and Falcon women’s basketball. Listen to one of his touchdown calls.

Bryan Tester- The main voice of Falcon men’s hockey and Falcon softball. Listen to one of his goal calls.

Andrew Moldenhauer- Head of sports promotions and covers some of every sport covered.

Sadie Horton- Head of engineering and does some color commentary of every sport covered.

Destrey Zarfos- The main voice of Falcon women’s hockey.

Ben Lamers- One of the voices of Falcon football, basketball and softball. Listen to him on a home run call.

Ryan Odeen- First year engineer and broadcaster covering some of every sport. Listen to him on men’s basketball. 

Ted McDonough- Main Falcon women’s hockey color guy.

David Bergs-Engineer

Kate Vruwink-First year engineer

Brooke Gestson-First year engineer

Hayden Bosch-First year engineer


WRFW staff


 From left to right in picture above: Drew Moldenhauer, Ryan Odeen, Ryan Tibbitts and Bryan Tester