Sports Staff

2013-2014 Sports Director at WRFW 88.7 – FM

Ryan Tibbitts

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 WRFW 88.7 – FM Sports Broadcast Voices:

Ryan Tibbitts– The main voice of Falcon football and Falcon women’s basketball. Listen to one of his touchdown calls.

Bryan Tester– The main voice of Falcon men’s hockey and Falcon softball. Listen to one of his goal calls.

Andrew Moldenhauer– Head of sports promotions and covers some of every sport covered.

Sadie Horton– Head of engineering and does some color commentary of every sport covered.

Destrey Zarfos– The main voice of Falcon women’s hockey.

Ben Lamers– One of the voices of Falcon football, basketball and softball. Listen to him on a home run call.

Ryan Odeen– First year engineer and broadcaster covering some of every sport. Listen to him on men’s basketball. 

Ted McDonough– Main Falcon women’s hockey color guy.

David Bergs-Engineer

Kate Vruwink-First year engineer

Brooke Gestson-First year engineer

Hayden Bosch-First year engineer


WRFW staff


 From left to right in picture above: Drew Moldenhauer, Ryan Odeen, Ryan Tibbitts and Bryan Tester