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Student Staff


Program Director- Paul Langfellow

“Howdy! I’m the Program Director here at WRFW radio and I also am the host and DJ of “Electric Scorpion Radio”. I have been melting people’s faces off every Wednesday from 6-8 PM on 88.7 since 2012 with some pretty insane heavy metal! I always have weird guests who do some pretty crazy things on the show. Off air I enjoy; eating shrimp, sleeping, breathing, taking long walks on beaches, fighting aliens, time traveling, swimming with dolphins, riding dragons, drinking fine wines, playing board games, petting kittens, wearing pants, hunting for the lost city of Atlantis, sports, fresh pots, using chopsticks, playing digeridoo, singing with kookaberras, insulting politicians, dancing in thunderstorms, brain surgery, steampunk, disco dancing, dreaming of Dave Grohl, pillow pets, and of course.. headbanging!!!! My girlfriend also wanted me to put that I love cuddling with her.

Listen to the radio, It is good for you.

Love, Paul Langfellow,”



Promotions DirectorDrew Moldenhauer

Drew “DJ Moldy” Moldenhauer is addicted to information and the occasional glass of apple juice. He is a firm believer in working smarter. He is the host of the Moldenhauer Odeen Hour as well as a WRFW sports broadcaster.



Executive Producer/Assignment EditorBrooke Brokaw

Ever since I was hatched from my mother’s womb I knew I was destined for greatness. All my life I have been compared to legends from the broadcast news world such as Ron Burgundy and Tom Brokaw (yes, I am indeed related. Jealous?) Because deep down in my soul I knew that I must forge my path to greatness because I was born to peasants, I decided to pursue a degree in journalism. This led me to WRFW. I have been gracing WRFW with my presence for the past two years. I hosted a kick-butt public affairs show my sophomore year which lead to my love of news, and also hearing my own voice on the radio. I currently serve as the News Director/Assignment Editor. With so much directing and editing you may ask yourself, how does she find time for anything else? In my free time I enjoy sipping arbor mist, binging on Bravo TV and Netflix, lollygagging through Hobby Lobby, finding my next DIY project on Pinterest, forcing students in Practicum to take Buzzfeed quizzes, eating chipotle burrito bowls with extra white rice, and trying not to tape Tibbs’ mouth shut.



Music DirectorHayden Bosch

Hayden is a sophomore journalism major. He likes reading, listening to music and watching Seinfeld. He also figured since he is music director he should add that his favorite band is Led Zepplin.



Sports DirectorBryan Tester

Bryan “Testeroni” Tester has been a part of WRFW for 3 years starting out as an engineer working his way to become the sports director of the station. In his free time he enjoys fishing, wasting money at the casino and coaching baseball.



Public Affairs DirectorSadie Horton

Sadie is the Public Affairs director at WRFW. She started out writing sports at a small town newspaper in high school, but switched to radio when she came to UWRF where she is a journalism major and criminology minor. At the station she works as an engineer and a sports commentator in the sports department, and as a public affairs host on Falcon 411. She also teams up with Amy and Hayden as a DJ on Girl Talk. In her free time (the little she has) she loves being out side and spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys shopping and having girls weekends. But one of her favorite things to do is to drive music director Hayden crazy including stealing his favorite chair whenever she has the chance.



Social Media Director/ Student ChairRyan Tibbitts

Ryan “Tibbs” Tibbitts has been working at WRFW for four years. Tibbs started out as an engineer and worked his way up to become a “legend.” Self-proclaimed legend that is as he is the one who gets to put up the bios that you are reading. He has done everything at WRFW including sports broadcasting, sold underwriting, started social media accounts from the ground up, produced news stories, had a DJ show with two of his best friends called Study Break, held two different director positions and fought the good fight for WRFW to keeps its budget all while having plenty of time to goof around and tick off news director Brooke on a regular basis with the help of sports director Bryan Testeroni.


Professional University Staff

General ManagerRick Burgsteiner

Rick is a card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (SAG-AFTRA). He teaches audio and video storytelling at the university and since 1998, he’s enjoyed being associated with that roller coaster ride we fondly call, “Pure Radio 88.7.”


Faculty AdvisorSandy Ellis

Sandy teaches broadcast news writing and reporting and provides guidance to WRFW’s news and public affairs staff. She has worked as a radio news director and reporter, TV reporter/photographer and a newspaper reporter/photographer. Sandy also spent 3 years as a TV “weather girl” in the days when that was a common term for weather reporters who were women. She still wonders why the men weren’t called “weather boys.”


Chief EngineerJason Unseth

“I fix what they break”